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Launch of the Sugarhut Club

I’m not much of a clubber anymore, o.k, I was never much of a clubber… but I still found myself at some dodgy clubs in my day. Some fun, most not,

This made the launch of the Sugarhut Club a rare outing to a club, or so I thought. I forget that now days a club can be anything, the Pepper Club for example is a hotel, restaurant, bar but no club. And the Sugarhut Club isn’t a club per se but a restaurant, loungey kind of place with multiple themed lounges and bars, fusion food  and of course a Dj.

The club is situated on the second floor of the old Castle Hotel, in the East City Precinct, now called the Fringe; it’s the area east of Buitenkant Street, home to Charley’s Bakery, Woodhead’s Leather Merchants, Assembly, QuePasa and the old faithful, Dias Tavern, not to forget Balkanology who set up camp, literally, in the central parking lot on Friday night. The Music coming from the Bedouin tents sounded great even thought they were competing against an unpleasant south easter.

So the area is undergoing a rejuvenation of note and the Sugarhut Club is the newest addition.  It’s always difficult to judge a club by its launch, surely that many skinny models (wearing not much more than an elastic band to hide their not so privates), can’t be there every night). So plenty of eye candy, bubbly and then a flashback to the 80’s complete with the Dj, emerging from his lounge-music induced stupor, to play some pretty ordinary 80’s tunes, while some blokes with too much bubbly in them got aggro with each other – some things never change.

The food, assuming it’s the same fare to be served on normal evenings, was tasty, although the waitresses kept giving us a miss for more important guests. But we made do, although thin pita bread with rocket does not count as a snack, and after being placed on our table near the door, was given some airtime by the wind and landed up decorating the table and some guests at the same time. According to Dax Villenueva from Relax with Dax, the temporary outside bar on the balcony collapsed in the wind later in the evening.

Look the place is pleasant enough – but do I have a desire to return any time soon? Not really – but as the area develops, the outside deck facing Table Mountain might be a nice place to enjoy a sun-downer or two(if the wind isn’t blowing) and in winter the place might be quite cosy inside.

I like what’s happening in that area, I think it’s a nice extension to Cape Town and as more places start opening up – it might even give Long Street a run for its money.