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Get crafty @ Craft Burger Bar

I’ve always been a fan of the humble burger. My first favourite was from the Wimpy in Milnerton in the 70s (yes, I had humble beginnings with the humble meat sandwich). I then moved town side and loved the burgers from the old Milly’s in Buitenkant Street. Since then I have enjoyed many a fine burger and plenty not so fine. In terms of takeaways; I enjoy the Sea Point Steers and avoid the yellow arches like it was the bubonic plague. Honestly I’m not that fussy, and will happily try most street vendor’s burgers, especially if I need to wash down a few beers, but I’m never loving old MacDonald’s.

Now burgers have always been considered “junk food” or “fast food”, until a few years ago when the gourmet burger suddenly became a thing. You could stuff your burger with a range of goodies like beetroot, quinoa, pomegranate seeds and any other pretentious add-on you can think of, allowing gourmet burger joints the opportunity to charge a small fortune for their fancy bun and meat patties. Oh, and now that burgers were expensive, they were suddenly cool and sexy too. Really? I don’t think so. Burgers have always been cool.

When it comes to burgers, Russel Shapiro knows a things or two. He used to own Manhattans, where the burgers were not only great but reasonably priced. He also owned On Broadway the popular dinner/theatre spot, for many years, where the lamb burgers were legendary. He has moved on from both spots and now owns the Craft Burger Bar in Sea Point, my current favourite burger place. Here, for R49 you can build your own. You get cheese and a choice of four toppings; I recommend the chilli, gherkins and pineapple for starters, after that, you’re on your own. The patty is the real deal, with high quality mince, and the buns are optional if you’re a banter (yes, it’s a word – I just made it up). They also offer chicken and veggie patties.

You can order a side of fries, which are thick and perfectly cooked, made from real potatoes and cut by real people. There is a range of salads and handcrafted burgers on the menu. Try the chili and chocolate sauce burger or the Chakalaka and guacamole. Go crazy. You can even wash them down with…yes, you guessed it – craft beer.

I’ll be building my own. Great burgers, great value and Russel is a great host.