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Cape Times: Escape Times – Sea Kayaking

While the Atlantic Ocean may be a bit chilly to spend extended amounts of time in without a wetsuit, spending a few hours just above the surface in a kayak is the perfect way to enjoy a sunset or sunrise.

Cape Times: Paragliding

Ask most people if they had one wish in life, what it would be and many would answer to be able to fly. And for
many people the only flying they’ll be doing is on an aeroplane complete with huge engines, uncomfortable seats
and inedible food. But for a few adventurous souls, flying is more than just a dream.

Cape Times: Hout Bay

If Cape Town is a fishing village then Hout Bay is, well, a real fishing village without the trappings of bright city life to distract it from its main purpose, the sea. Both eating from its cold underbelly to playing in its icy but refreshing waters.

Cape Times: BaboonWalk

Baboons were present in the Cape Peninsula long before humans set foot on its turf. Unfortunately, due to increased urbanisation, their natural habitat is shrinking fast leading to increased confrontations between humans and these Chacma Baboons.

Learning to Fly

Be careful what you wish for they warn, you might just get what you want. So it was I found myself floating 500m about earth, held aloft by an expensive piece of fabric, attached to a few multi-coloured strings. No motor, no reserve – just me in a harness and the wind in my face.

Suicide Gorge

The first description that comes to mind when thinking about Suicide Gorge and Riviersonderend Kloof is that of a summer water wonderland, a natural theme park with thrills, spills and enough excitement for anyone who enjoys adventuring in the great outdoors.




Property auctions: Spooked by ghosts

Accusations of phantom bidders: do they exist, are they bad? Barry Washkansky tackles the growing scandal.


Auction Alliance employees turn bosses

Auction Alliance’s sudden and total demise earlier this year was a shock to its owner Rael Levitt as well as the public at large.

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