Cape Town’s Culinary Scene – Standing Tall

Playing casino games is becoming one of the most popular pastime activities for South Africans, but also for people all over Africa. Especially with the widespread use of computers and smartphones, improved internet connection and the popularisation of online and mobile casinos, it is not surprising that the market is thriving. Recently, PWC published a report in which it was stated that Nigeria, Kenya and, of course, South Africa, are countries where the growth is most significant. Check out if you want to know more about African casinos. Casinos are an integral and vital part of the entertainment and hospitality industry and Cape Town is doing very well in that respect. Another aspect where Cape Town outperforms its competitors is the gastronomic offer. Some of the best restaurants and bistros in South Africa are located in Cape Town and, in the past few years, the Cape has really made its mark on the culinary map of Africa.


Addis in Cape

Located in the very heart of Cape Town, Addis in Cape is one of the best Ethiopian restaurants outside of Ethiopia. Each person orders individually but everything is served on one large platter, so that people can share.  After all, it is what dining out is all about, sharing great food with your loved ones. Great stews, and large injeras (sour pancakes) spiced up with amber, chilli, garlic, saffron and fresh tomato salsa will make your mouth water as soon as you smell the dish. There are some great vegan and vegetarian options as well, including chickpeas, lentils and mushrooms. On top of that, they also offer authentic, roasted Ethiopian coffee and traditional sweet wine. And a six dish meal costs less than 100 Rand (ZAR).


The Opal Lounge

The Opal Lounge is definitely one of the fanciest restaurants in town. It is located on the prestigious Kloof Street. The interior is truly breath-taking, lavishly decorated with Victorian ornaments. There are several separated dining spots, including the Persian Lounge that features an oriental design with red walls, Middle Eastern decorations and beautiful rugs and the Gold Bar Lounge that is more European-like in style. The food is just like the place itself, unique and authentic; here you can order dishes that originated from different corners of the world, as well as some novelty fusion food. If you have a strong eye for detail, this is a place you will definitely enjoy.


The Roundhouse Restaurant

The Roundhouse Restaurant is located in The Glen, on the western slope of Table Mountain, and is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. It was built in 1786 as a guardhouse for the Dutch East India Company. If you enjoy a glass of wine or two with your meal, you will definitely love this place. Most of their food is a combination of European dishes with a South African touch. The chef at the Roundhouse managed to revive many forgotten old South African dishes by giving them a modern touch. It is a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth considering, especially if you want to treat someone special to a lovely meal.


Miller’s Thumb

If you want a simpler experience, and are looking forward to enjoying some great food, then the Miller’s Thumb might be the place for you. Known for its fresh fish, this restaurant offers a lot of intriguing international dishes that you’ll won’t find elsewhere. For example, their House Salad is inspired by Greek cuisine, featuring Feta cheese, large calamata olives, cucumber, egg, peppers, lettuce and spinach leaves. You can also try Moroccan, Malay, Portuguese, Japanese and Thai dishes. Their New Orleans style Jambalaya includes chicken, fish, chorizo and shellfish. All in all, it is a very nice and pleasant family restaurant that has been in business for more than 20 years

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