Innovative Ideas for the Home at the Cape Homemakers Expo 2015

When it comes to innovative ideas to help improve the home, most of us need a little help to get our creative juices flowing as well as to provide us with the product we need to make these improvements. Fortunately, there are a number of events taking place that are ideal for those who want to be able get some inspiration when it comes to home improvements, decor and style. One of these is the Cape Homemakers Expo 2015, which is set to take place between 27 and 30 August at the Cape Town International Convention CentreĀ (CTICC).

Many people will be attending this event, some to get ideas and inspiration from the experts and others just to have a look around to see what the latest trends are when it comes to the home. With hundreds of exhibitors set to participate in the 2015 expo, there will certainly be no shortage of ideas, products and advice for those who do attend.

The innovation continues with the 2015 expo

Over recent years, our homes have been revolutionised by all sorts of products, gadgets and devices. We have everything from smart TVs offering the latest in technology to mobile devices on which to enjoy all sorts of entertainment. You can use your mobile devices to access and enjoy a wide range of mobile sites and apps for your entertainment such as playing the exciting games on sites such as Springbok Casino, which offers a host of table games and virtual slots that can be enjoyed while you are relaxing at home as well as while you are on the move. Another popular entertainment option is Netflix, which allows you to stream your favourite movies and shows to your device and watch them wherever you like, whether it is in the house, in the garden or even when you go out.

The products displayed at this popular expo help to ensure that we are able to enjoy continued innovation in our homes, with products and innovation relating to many different areas such as kitchen and bathrooms, lighting, flooring, heating and cooling systems, energy efficient products, outdoor furniture, security, doors, windows, pools, roofing and a whole lot more.

You will be able to learn more about design, decor, and the latest style trends at this expo not to mention being able to see some fabulous new and modern products designed for use all around your home. There will be more than 300 people exhibiting at the show, so you will find plenty to feast your eyes on.

Amongst the companies that will be exhibiting at the expo is inVOGUE, which will provide information and product relating to the most modern and stylish interiors for your home. The Kitchen Specialist Association will also be present, and will as always be on hand to showcase some wonderful, contemporary and traditional kitchen designs to inspire and innovate. Other companies will showcase everything from handmade crafts and art for the home through to gourmet food, fine coffee, great wines and much more.

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