Steaks & Shakes at The Avenue

Harfield Village in Southern Suburbs really is a village. Very much suburbia, it’s where neighbours chat over walls – or not, peopThe Avenue: Harfield Villagele walk to  restaurants and, thanks to social media, more and more community events take place.

With my partner’s family living in the village we are regular visitors and have noticed over the years a definite increase in night activities. 2nd Avenue has become the heartbeat of the village and its residents’ breadbasket through several popular eating places.

A few years ago, just after it opened, we visited The Avenue for dinner. They had no liquor license then and although the food was tasty and good value, atmosphere and décor was sort of lacking.

The other night we returned. I had enjoyed an epic 13-hour mountain adventure the day before and was in need of some serious protein. Candice is always up for a good meal and our six-year-old son was so keen to try their burgers and milk shakes he gave up playing computer games with his favourite cousins around the corner to join us.

None of it disappointed.

Poppers that pop

I had the chilli poppers to start; Candice ordered calamari. The poppers were excellent; a nice size too – I don’t like poppers that look like giant firecrackers and explode gizz all over the table as you bite into them. The only problem was these had blue cheese in them and I don’t like blue cheese. The truth is I kind of thought it tasted blue, but it was inoffensive enough to not put me off.

But to the helpful staff at The Avenue, please mention its blue cheese on the menu or when taking the order. Not everyone, me included, is a fan of the blue. That aside the poppers had a nice kick to them – it’s not a popper unless it pops. A dude at a nearby table with sweat pouring down his forehead asked, “Did you have the chilli poppers?” Yip, I replied coolly. “F#*cking hot hey?” he said. Yes they are.

The calamari was tasty if not quite as succulent as other specialists would make it – but this is a steak house.

Peppermint crisp milkshake

“Scoops” ordered his burger and chips in the meantime and wolfed down half without skipping a beat; it received an immediate stamp of approval. He was so keen for his milk shake he would have eaten broccoli and beetroot right there, but the burger did look good and he finished off the rest a little later.

We had a few beers while Scoops enjoyed his peppermint crisp milkshake. It’s the business. We all had a taste, much to his disapproval; it was so good I thought of skipping mains and going straight to the shakes. Scoops loved it and so did we. And yes it does have pieces of the famous chocolate in it – it works.