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Places in Cape Town you should have – but might not have – heard of.

Capetonians are often called fickle, they are also accused of being cliquey, and we are kind of, but fickle? We prefer discerning.

Because of our discerning nature it is difficult to sustain certain places in the Mother City. Namely restaurants, coffee shops, bars and any place that serves booze, coffee or food, often all three if they hope to survive.

The goods news is that the challenge of sustaining these businesses does not stop people trying. Some succeed and manage to stay open, many do not.

The other good news is that the plethora of places open in Cape Town forces those opening new spots to create something different; where the experience offers something more than just food & drink.

Some places doing it different in Cape Town.

Disclaimer: While I hope & think these places will survive – if they are no longer open by the time you read this post, let me know and I will edit. End disclaimer.

Its a House

Its a House

It’s a house

No, this is not some party club playing house music; then again maybe it is.

This is a restaurant cum bar / coffee shop, cum creative hub (a Cape Town favourite) with some of the coolest clientele around. Sure, there are plenty cool funky people in CT; but seriously, the young crowd on the evening I visited was – how you say – all dressed up but looking like they just threw their ensemble together. All funk, fashion and fun – kinda of like me…not!

There was a mini pop-up mall, cool tunes being spun by the DJ and a very busy looking laptop brigade sprinkled around. The furniture is cool and my Scoops (the almost six year old offspring) also enjoyed the place, especially scribbling on the chalkboard bar counter.

We were hoping for the 2 for 1 burger special but it was not to be on that particular night so we sufficed with a couple of Zameleks (Black Labels dammit). They also serve a R10 breakfast, which is not bad value at all. The coffee is Tribe – not my favourite.

Peter’s house

Peter's House

Peter's House

An eclectic little restaurant with cool stuff and a quirky owner.

We actually went there after It’s a House as it was Monday night and anyone who’s anyone knows that Monday night at Peters House is Mac & Cheese Monday. They offer Mac & Cheese for R25 but for R5 or R10 per extra you can add additional toppings from bacon to mushrooms. Tasty & good value.

Peter’s House opened in the last 8 months or so. Ziggy, the owner, worked overseas, saved up some pounds, and like many others returned to Cape Town and opened a restaurant. Named after Peter Rabbit, this is a cute little place, with loads of character. It’s across the road from Rafikis and The Power & the Glory in Tamboerskloof.

Offering a variety of meals, playing loud but good music and with plenty of games and kid’s stuff, Peter’s House will keep you entertained and well fed at the same time.

Funky laundromat

Funky laundromat

I love my laundry

Compared to the above two Ilovemylaundry seems to have been around for ages but the truth is they only opened a year and some months ago.

In that time they have established a laundromat that will clean your dirties, while serving you coffee and dim sum. They have also established an online wine shop, host art exhibitions and throw some mean parties.

Clayton & Mico, the owners, seem to have a winning formula and have achieved almost cult status in a very short time; they also have a branch in Durbanville (The Laundry Corporation).

I have enjoyed many parties at the Laundry. These include an art exhibition opening by Arno Carstens, a whiskey deconstruction (look it up), a Peroni beer night and many more. They also host their famous Thursday night fondues and have created a Laundry brand that will stick to your tighty whities.

Just three places, amongst many, strutting their off-beat stuff in the Mother City