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Not on the Backyard menu

“I’m going to fuck you before the night is over.”

Backyard Grill & Lounge

Backyard Grill & Lounge

Hellavu thing to hear from a woman on a gentle summer’s evening out; especially when uttered in a strong Eastern European accent to the gay guy sitting on her other side.

What the fuck am I, chopped liver?

Now I may be in a relationship and not particularly interested in fucking the exotic temptress next to me – but I am straight and at least, technically, on the menu.

Fucking chopped liver I tell you.

Earlier she told the gay dude to feel her tits to prove they were real, he replied that tits repulsed him and he wasn’t interested – so my PIA (partner in action) told me to feel them.

Now, as tempted as I was, it’s not every day one’s significant other tells you to feel up another woman. I had to decline; my days of public fondling are over. Not PIA’s, she agreed to prove the lack of silicon in said European’s breasts – so she copped a feel.

Europa and her friend, a pre-school teacher, who we had met earlier landed up joining us at our table at the Backyard Grill & Lounge on Regent Road in Sea Point; along with gay dude and his friend, an old acquaintance. Said pre-school teacher and Europa were sucking on their Digital Berries like – well let’s just say they were sucking. Digital Berries are the latest electronic cigarettes to hit the market – some sort of fruit flavoured water filler, which, according to the teach, is perfectly safe. Now it well may be a healthier alternative to the real thing, but it clearly was not doing the job as both smokers alternated between regular cigs and their digital versions. “We just got them today” was the excuse given.

Luckily Junior was sitting in the indoor area watching TV, as the table talk got kind of steamy.

Gay dude was browsing gay dating sites on his mobile – checking out dick sizes and G-d knows what else. There was talk of shemales and whether the European woman had a dick or not and I was suddenly put off the piece of boerie that I had ordered.

Junior had no such issues, which was a slight problem as this Backyard Grill is not shy to charge; a pity as it’s a fun place to hang out, informal with an outdoor area conducive to meeting people – all types! Its not often you go to a restaurant and meet a mixed bunch of people – making it a fun evening with some interesting characters.

I like the Backyard’s relaxed setting and will return. Although I found their food tasty, it is expensive for what it is, making it slightly prohibitive to make this a regular hangout.