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The Dog’s Bollocks

Naming your burger joint after canine testicles takes…. well balls I suppose. But Nigel Woods’ burgers really are the dog’s bollocks.

The Dog's Bollocks

This is my kind of place, a driveway come alleyway in Gardens; a few old-style table and chairs, some hot coals and a been-there done-that still-doing-it Englishman making the best burgers in Cape Town.

This is a no-frills burger driveway; bring your own cutlery, if you think you need,  your own drink, any kind of drink,  unless you want wine, in that case buy 1½l  of Nigel’s own brew – good wine and excellent value at R50 for the funky tube. It comes papsak style inside the tube but this papsak is quite o.k. to take to a party.

Then there are the burgers. Choose one from the generous list, considering the no frills approach of the place. R55 a burger or R50 for the plain and you get a tasty large burger with a good piece of meat and plenty other goodies plus your choice of toppings. Pepper mushroom was my choice and delicious but the American 50’s style slider also looked good. Pity @Capetowncandy didn’t leave me a taste. Anyway, I’m putting this burger joint at the top of my burger list DB2and I know my burgers – I was eating them before they became trendy – lots of them.

Nigel only makes 30 burgers a night – first come first served – and late comers might get Nachos if they behave. But you don’t tell people you went to the DB and ate nachos – they give you that pitying, condescending look – like everyone knows you need to get there early and the Nachos are really a consolation prize. Being occasionally helpful people we tried to assist some new arrivals with advice but were told very quickly, “we’ve been here before.”

Who would have thought burgers in a Gardens alleyway would become the trendiest food spot in Cape Town?

He opens at 5pm – don’t try booking. Cash only.

6 Roodehek Street, Gardens or find them on Facebook