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Picnic envy, Kirstenbosch & Jonny Clegg

When one of South Africa’s favourite artists plays at one of SA’s most beautiful botanical gardens on a magnificent summer’s day in Cape Town – it’s always going to be a good evening out. Sitting on the sloped lawns, mountains standing majestically in the background, thousands of eager concert goers and a cooler bag full of cold beer, it was a perfect afternoon. Except for one thing.

Awesome venue

Awesome venue

I acquired a case of severe picnic envy. Not that me and @CapetownCandy – my PIA – partner in adventure (at least those that don’t involve steep ascents and severe drop offs) don’t know how to put a decent picnic together. On the contrary; we are highly experienced picnic-goers capable of doing wildly creative picnic stuff on an almost empty fridge and sometimes empty wallet too. But we don’t always get it together to the best of our ability.

This Sunday was one of those. Even though Provita and cheese, olives, Pringles and peanuts were adequate for our needs – it paled in comparison to what I saw flaunted on the hallowed Kirstenbosch turf. It wasn’t just the sushi platter the couple next to us devoured but the range of amazing looking treats served from perfect looking picnic baskets that got to me.

A trip to the gents took me past so many awesome looking picnic hampers that I had to put my hands deep in my pockets to stop me helping myself to a quick snack here and there. Seeing so much tasty food brazenly displayed does make it feel a bit like a large cocktail party where you are welcome to help yourself – but here it would seem wrong. Bbq chicken pieces cut into perfect bite size helpings, platters of exotic cheeses (well they looked exotic), pies, meats and other goodies which all seem to glow with a robust tastiness – despite the hot sun beating down on it. Luscious fruits, expensive nuts, sweet nibbles and amazing looking sandwiches – it all looked so good. But I restrained myself and made do with our humble offerings and cold beer, which did help ease the envy. One neighbour did share his homemade beer with us, which was excellent; he also informed us about the local subculture of home-made beer brewers developing in the Cape. Check out

Full house at Kistenbosch
Food aside – Jonny delivered as always – singing old classics and introducing new songs that we hadn’t heard before. As much as I enjoyed the concert I couldn’t help keeping one envious eye on the mountain as the setting sun made it glow with a come hither look (even though I had enjoyed an awesome morning adventure up Kloof Corner Ridge, and my other eye on the delicious looking food surrounding me. Next time we will be better prepared.