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Cape Town stealing Durban’s winter thunder

With Cape Town experiencing a mid winter summer paradise, tourism authorities finally have something to celebrate as the Mother City looks to steal Durban’s winter thunder by becoming South Africa’s best all year round destination.

Cape Town in winter

Cape Town in winter

“Everyone knows that people only go to Durban in winter because it’s hot but this global warming is turning things around.” said a Cape Town Tourism official from Clifton Beach today. “We know Cape Town rocks in summer, now it rocks in winter too. We have never needed to effectively market this city, and wasted millions not doing so. Now the weather is on our side and we have all-year-round summer. Our strategy worked – nature is on our side.”

With tourism officials and hospitality players recently bemoaning the quiet season – this opportunity has come at an excellent time for the city. What was once the secret season is a secret no longer as Cape Town looks to market itself as the city with an endless summer. Lifeguards and umbrella custodians have been woken from their winter slumber and rushed to beaches around the  Cape to cope with the expected influx of beachgoers. But while the few lucky tourists who are here have rushed to the beaches, Capetonians have stayed away, not believing their eyes and sweaty armpits and steadfastly refusing to hit the beaches until December.

Premier Helen Zille was quick to jump on the overheated bandwagon. “The Western Cape is now not only the best run province in the country but now also has the best weather and any attempts by the ruling party to control the weather will be met with fierce resistance.”

Talk of water shortages and rain-starved farms were put aside as the sun continued to shine. A shirtless Capetonian, sunbathing on Long Street,  said:  “Hey,  if this is what global warming is all about – bring it on. Ya, it may not be PC to celebrate rising temperatures but it sure is lekker.”
Barry Washkansky