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Hot and cold water

Saturday morning I hiked up Platteklip and trotted off to Maclears Beacon, the highest point on Table Mountain, to meet Dirk, Michael and Tanya who had run from Constantia Nek. We jogged back along the front face, with its eagle eye views of the city center and descended via PK. After a drink and a snack at a surprisingly reasonable, albeit slightly dingy café at the bottom cable car station the three of them headed back around and over the mountain to their starting point and I headed home. A little later we headed out to the Cape Farmhouse to see one see Hot Water in action. A band fast gaining recognition both here and abroad.

I first read about Hot Water in one of the Sunday newspapers last year. I checked out their website, listened to some of their music and liked what I heard. What I didn’t understand is why did I take so long to hear about these guys? Fine, I’m not exactly in the music loop, but these guys are good…really good. Do we take so long to recognize local talent or is it just me?

So finally we found a good opportunity to see them in action – at the Cape Farmhouse, 3km past Scarborough on the road to Cape Point. It’s a restaurant and picnic area set among the oaks. There’s a nice outdoor area , with the stage and dance floor covered for protection from the rather fierce sun. It does become bit of a dust-bowl when the crowd gets going, and they do get going, but no one seems to care.

We arrived early grabbed some cold beers and dodgy burgers from the boerie and burger stand and watched the band do their sound check. The young son of Donovan Copley (I think it was his son), the skipper of the band as well as singer-songwriter and guitarist, was getting down on the stage while dad and his mates fine-tuned their instruments and voices. He could move the youngster, even my Scoops, a bit of a mover shaker himself when he’s in the mood, was impressed. We also watched the crowd as they started to trickle in, the hippies in their Hondas, the vegans in their Volvos, many with kids in tow but all in a party mood. There is a large grassy area around the stage area with shade cloths providing protection and plenty space for the kids to run around, although when the music started everyone seemed to be concentrated in the area in front of the stage.

When the music did start the place was already buzzing and the packed area in front of the stage became a dustbowl full of swirling and bopping colour. The funky, definitely African and certainly South African music is lively, upbeat and you can’t help but get up and jump around or at the very least tap your foot.

They played two energetic sets of about 45 minutes each and are definitely worth seeing, one for the music and two for the party. Their live act is not a sedate listen-to-lyrics-and-get-deep vibe, it’s a get up and boogey but-our-lyrics-aren’t-bad-either kind of vibe, with the odd ballad thrown in to the mix. Either way it works; these guys have already played Europe, including the renowned Hague Jazz Festival, and are fast establishing themselves abroad and at home. Now if only local radio stations could stop playing so much of the rubbish that they tend to and start giving our local artists some decent air time.

We left after 6.30pm, having bought both their CD’s, and with the sun still shining and the day clear and wind free we decided to stop at Scarborough Beach for a dip. We cooled off in the cold water with the mist rising slowly from the sea and the sun falling slowly to meet it. We took a slow and scenic drive home with Hot Water playing on the CD player and Scoops, having finally run out of puff, asleep in the back.

Hot Water is a must see and hear – so check  them out they’re playing Fogies in Muizenberg on Sunday 31 Jan and will be at the famous up the Creek Festival next weekend, Sunday, February 7 – near Swellendam if you’re keen.